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3 Lessons for philanthropists from the midterm elections

For Immediate Release 3 Lessons for philanthropists from the midterm elections  NCRP urges foundations and wealthy donors to go all out to support efforts to defend democracy in the U.S. Washington, D.C. (11/12/2018) – In response… Read More

How Grantmakers Can Use Power Mindfully to Advance Equity

Like air, power is everywhere, yet it is often invisible. We may not think about its role in our daily lives, but we live and breathe it. Used positively, power helps communities thrive. But there’s also… Read More

Rising LGBTQ Funding in Alabama: Where’s the Money Coming From?

As we’ve often reported, there’s quite a bit of new philanthropic activity in the American South right now to empower vulnerable communities and build stronger networks of grassroots organizations. As part of a push to accelerate… Read More

Jewish Charity With Hollywood Ties Accused of Fraud

Aaron Dorfman, president of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, agrees. “If the funds are restricted, they are supposed to be restricted,” he says. “You are not supposed to use endowment funds for operations. It’s not… Read More

Philanthropy Won’t Change the World Unless It Takes More Risks. Here’s How.

It seems that every week, sometimes every day, we are faced with wrenching news of suffering — school shootings, children being torn from their parents at our borders, the death of another unarmed black person by… Read More

Rev. Starsky Wilson stepping down as pastor of Saint John’s

In recent years, Wilson’s local experience in philanthropic and faith-based organizing has been called upon by national organizations. He currently chairs the board for the Washington, D.C.-based National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, which works to align… Read More


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