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Philanthropists Should Put Themselves Out of Business

While a growing number of foundations practice social justice philanthropy, most philanthropists are simply not in the business of confronting the economic inequality that undergirds their power. The vast majority of foundation giving serves as a… Read More

20 Ways You Can Help Immigrants Now

7. People of significant financial means could play a more active role funding nonprofit organizations that directly serve immigrants and advocate for legal reforms. Philanthropists can fund case management, human rights watchdog groups, research that drives… Read More

How responsive has philanthropy been to funding pro-immigrant organizations?

An eight-page brief released this spring by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP), authored by Ryan Schlegel, Stephanie Peng and Timi Gerson and titled “State of Foundation Funding for the Pro-Immigrant Movement,” examines immigrant rights philanthropy from 2014 through 2016. Their report asks… Read More

Speaking Truth to Power

NCRP’s advocacy is to push private foundations “to do more for those who are marginalized, underserved, and disenfranchised.” In a recently updated strategic framework, NCRP promises to “drive resources toward social movements” in fields such as… Read More

Anti-Blackness, Neglect of Indigenous Migrants are Critical Blind Spots in Immigrant and Refugee Justice Philanthropy

For Immediate Release   Anti-Blackness, Neglect of Indigenous Migrants are Critical Blind Spots in Immigrant and Refugee Justice Philanthropy Special edition of “Responsive Philanthropy” examines how funders can boldly support the pro-immigrant and -refugee movements Washington,… Read More

As Immigrants Face Attacks, Where Stands Philanthropy?

These days, as NPQ has covered, immigrants, both without and with documents, are under attack. Whether the means involve border walls, travel bans, separating parents from children, cuts to refugee and asylum admissions, restricted access to federal benefits, rules permitting indefinite detention, or efforts to add a citizenship question to… Read More


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