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The Fight of a Lifetime: 30 Key Players in Progressive Philanthropy

The mainstreaming of social justice and calls for the leadership of the marginalized are welcome developments for lefties who’ve long criticized the sector for its complacency. But even as progressive language proliferates, relatively few funders are… Read More

How Philanthropy Can Help Lead on Data Justice

4. Experiment with other data collection methods. Philanthropic organizations like the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy and large research firms like Mathematica Policy Research have found that emphasizing more qualitative data can be more accurate in… Read More

Forward-Thinking Funders Pitch Practical Changes for a Sector Under Fire

Other tenets include doing your homework to reduce the burden on grantees, soliciting and acting on feedback, and offering support beyond the monetary grant. These components may sound basic, but are clearly a stretch for many… Read More

Grant Makers Push for More Trust in Relationships With Nonprofits

The trust-based approach is one of several efforts underway to even the power imbalance between foundations with cash and the nonprofits lining up for grants. Some groups, like the Justice Funders, are working with foundations to align… Read More

Foundation for the Carolinas Pressed Over Controversial Donations

Aaron Dorfman, CEO of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, argues that community foundations "can't pretend to be neutral when [they] are facilitating harm against certain members of [their] community. Any entity that oversees donor-advised funds that… Read More

Sharon Alpert Set to Leave Nathan Cummings Foundation

Alpert is a board member of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. The group’s president, Aaron Dorfman, said he had not been given prior notice about Alpert’s planned departure from Cummings. The foundation’s decision to devote… Read More


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