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Which Inclusive Funder is Being Honored by NCRP for Smashing Silos?

On August 29, Groundswell Fund announced its selection by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy as a 2017 recipient of NCRP’s Impact Award. On September 18, Groundswell Fund will join three other Impact Award recipients in New Orleans at… Read More

Cash, Speed, and Trust

In addition to the rapid-response work, Solidaire pools its money for the very unsexy costs of movement infrastructure—things like rent and salaries and plane tickets to conferences. The network has pledged $25 million over the next… Read More

The Meyer Memorial Trust: Reckoning with Race

Meyer came to my attention because it is one of four foundations to be recognized with a 2017 Impact Award from the National Committee on Responsive Philanthropy, a watchdog group that wants foundations to “do more for those who… Read More

Foundation for Louisiana to receive Mover and Shaker Award at the 2017 NCRP Impact Awards in New Orleans

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) will honor Foundation for Louisiana, Groundswell Fund, Meyer Memorial Trust and Solutions Project, recipients of the 2017 NCRP Impact Awards, at a reception in New Orleans this month. "These… Read More

The 2020 Census Is in Trouble and Needs Our Help

While the philanthropic and nonprofit communities cannot do what the administration and Congress have been unwilling to do, they can mitigate the problem by creating community-based programs targeted at those at risk of being undercounted. In… Read More

In Troubled Times, Here Are Four Funders Standing With Vulnerable Communities

Of the 2017 awardees, there’s one in particular that we’ve been following pretty closely—Mark Ruffalo’s The Solutions Project, which grew from a celebrity's passion to a full-blown change maker challenging the philanthropic status quo. NCRP awarded… Read More


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