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Dwyane Wade’s nonprofit should up its game, foundation watchdogs say

Dwyane Wade has had his share of success: He's a 12-time NBA all-star who just signed a two-year, $47.5 million deal with his hometown team, the Chicago Bulls. Running a nonprofit, however, is hardly a slam… Read More

Who Really Benefits When Billionaires Give Away their Wealth?

Aaron Dorfman frequently criticizes wealthy donors, saying they tend to overlook causes that help the poor and disenfranchised. “There’s this mistaken notion that every kind of giving is good, but I really don’t think that’s true,”… Read More

Oregon Community Foundation Isn’t Supporting Enough Groups Led by People of Color, LGBTQ, says new Philamplify report

Oregon Community Foundation Isn’t Supporting Enough Groups Led by People of Color, LGBTQ, says new Philamplify report NCRP urges OCF to hasten its response to statewide disparities and other pressing issues Washington, D.C. (6/22/2016) – Across… Read More

While New York Community Trust Mostly Delivers on Equity Goals, Its Donors Overlook NYC’s Grassroots Nonprofits

The Trust also needs to boost support of community organizing groups led by people of color Washington, D.C. (4/13/2016) - The New York Community Trust is committed to investing in underserved communities and equity, and mostly… Read More

3rd Generation of Walton Family Makes Sharp Turn in Giving

The Buffetts and Gateses started it, and then other names followed: Zuckerberg. Bloomberg. Rockefeller. Over the past decade, many of the world’s richest people have made the Giving Pledge — a promise that they will give… Read More

Sector Crusader Rick Cohen Dies Suddenly

Rick Cohen was at times the conscience of the nonprofit sector, one of its most honest skeptics and yet always a champion for the underdog. Cohen, editor of The Cohen Report, national correspondent for Nonprofit Quarterly and… Read More


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