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Foundations aren’t helping anyone if they’re not serious about social justice

One of the planks of NCRP’s framework is to increase the number of serious social justice funders. “A serious social justice funder devotes at least 25 percent of its annual giving for advocacy, community organizing, civic… Read More

Big-Donor Dollars: How Many Do Calif. Causes Actually Receive?

LOS ANGELES – Amid the sharp contrast between the ultra-rich and desperately poor, a watchdog group has been following where big-money donation dollars are going. A recent study by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP)… Read More

Letters to the Editor: Criticizing Foundations Is Not Only Way to Produce Change

To the Editor: Pablo Eisenberg has been a stalwart champion of better and more accountable philanthropy. All of us in the sector owe him a debt of gratitude for everything he has done, including the 37… Read More

Report: Big Decade for Philanthropy Doesn’t Translate to Social Justice

LANSING, Mich. – It's been a big decade for foundations receiving tax deductible contributions, but a new report takes a close look at how much of the money the foundations receive makes its way to the… Read More

Pittsburgh’s Sarah Scaife Foundation has Trump ties

A presidential administration assembled in Trump Tower and at Mar-a-Lago resort is built in part with Pittsburgh money. When this week’s inaugural speeches and balls are over, and Donald Trump’s administration takes office, it will have… Read More

Big Foundations Make Money, but Charitable Giving is Down

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Foundations receiving tax-deductible contributions have been booming, but a new report says little of the new money pouring in makes its way to those working on social justice issues. The National Committee for… Read More


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