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Bremer Foundation calls claims ‘baseless’

A philanthropy watchdog group has asked the IRS to investigate what it labels "suspicious, and potentially illegal, behavior" at St. Paul's venerable Otto Bremer Foundation. But the Bremer Foundation strongly disputes that, calling the allegations "false… Read More

Foundation Trustees Shouldn’t Be Paid Millions

The tens of millions of dollars that foundations pay to trustees every year is a total waste of money that could be used to finance needy nonprofit organizations. Fresh concerns about those fees were raised when… Read More

Philanthropy Watchdog Questions Minn. FDN Trustee Compensation

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy has asked the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office to investigate a St. Paul foundation for ballooning trustee compensation. The Otto Bremer Foundation paid the amounts of $456,468, $453,151, and $284,417 to… Read More

Bremer Must Clean Up Its Act

Somebody once described a foundation as a pile of money surrounded by people who want some. The Otto Bremer Foundation, and its three trustees, may be a shocking case in point for that cynicism, if the… Read More

Trustees’ actions raise some serious questions

How does the rationale that the trustees “directly and actively manage the foundation staff” square with the presence, until they just forced her out, of an executive director? Does the foundation staff of 14 really require… Read More

Investigate Bremer Foundation salaries

A national philanthropy watchdog group wants a state investigation into what it describes as “suspicious and potentially illegal” salaries and activities by trustees of the St. Paul-based Otto Bremer Foundation, whose pay rivals that of CEOs… Read More


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