America’s Biggest Christian Charity Funnels Tens of Millions to Hate Groups

But Aaron Dorfman, President and CEO of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, tells Sludge that these funds, which are often connected to banks and investment firms that profit from the donor-advised funds’ clients, are making a conscious choice to fund hate groups.

“With the dramatic escalation of violence and intimidation by white nationalists and right-wing extremists, it’s way past due for sponsors of donor-advised funds to cut off any dollars flowing to hate groups,” said Dorfman. “They have every right to exercise discretion by refusing a donor’s request to fund a hate group. Just as companies have come under pressure to deny those groups financial and technology platforms following Charlottesville, the Tree of Life massacre, and now New Zealand, foundations should similarly deny them philanthropic services. It’s more than just a best practice, it’s common decency.”

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