Mackenzie Scott’s Philanthropy Continues To Challenge Traditional Giving Norms As Her Total Reaches Nearly $6 Billion

Scott’s strategic and wise approach to philanthropy is also seemingly different from her ex-husband Jeff Bezos’ recent giving. She has been widely recognized by national philanthropic experts, most recently receiving applause from Aaron Dorfman, the CEO of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. In an article written earlier this year, Dorfman writes, “she did a ton of things exactly right with that $1.7 billion in grants: she gave a huge sum of money quickly, prioritized equity, and funded amazing organizations that strive to make our nation more just.” Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, has yet to sign The Giving Pledge himself and has slowly moved a mere $791 million to 16 grantees in the time that Scott has moved closer to $6 billion to 384 grantees. Additionally, Bezos continues to receive criticism from various experts for his commitment to philanthropy yet inability to look deeply at and invest in changing the systems that have created his billionaire wealth.

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