NCRP: Black Lives Deserve Justice

NCRP released the following organizational statement in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd and the events of the past few days:

The events of the last week are a broken record of what has long been wrong about this American experiment. It is way past time to be simply outraged at the pain, trauma and danger that the Black community faces each day. It is not just law enforcement. We have to fundamentally change the way that our health, education and economic institutions systematically limit Black lives and liberation.

We stand in solidarity with groups behind the scenes and on the ground fighting for this fundamental change and those fighting to get them funded. Philanthropy must do more than just recognize that we are a nation built on stolen land and labor. It must spend its own social capital and resources to make this better world possible.

This is a time for action, not more platitudes. We must act now. Not tomorrow. Not after the proposal has gone through multiple drafts. Not after leadership is more seasoned or have mastered the art of code switching to wealthy donors. Not after coalitions have achieved the capacity to take models to scale.

The only acceptable ROI is justice.