NCRP: It’s time for philanthropy to think differently about reproductive access

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NCRP: It’s time for philanthropy to think differently about reproductive access

New issue of NCRP’s Responsive Philanthropy explores the importance of abortion storytelling, comprehensive sex education and maternal mortality

Washington, D.C. — Who gets to make which choices — or gets a choice at all — is a structural issue. The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) recently launched a new focus on reproductive access and gendered violence in our Movement Investment Project, continuing our support for frontline groups combatting the structures that stand in the way of social justice.   

The newest issue of NCRP’s Responsive Philanthropy takes a deep look at the structural issues around reproductive access by highlighting the need for philanthropy to fund reproductive justice, including efforts supporting abortion storytelling, comprehensive sex education and eliminating inequities in maternal mortality.

“‘Choice’ in mainstream, predominately white-led reproductive rights discourse typically refers to the individual right to make one specific choice: whether (or not) to have an abortion,” writes NCRP Vice President and Chief Content Officer Timi Gerson. “A reproductive justice lens looks at the society surrounding that individual — not just at one choice, but at the multiple of choices that people should be able to make about their bodies and lives and why some groups of people have the right to do so while others do not.”

This issue of Responsive Philanthropy features movement leaders who help connect the dots and urge us to think differently about the nexus of reproductive access, race, class and inclusion.  

Sharing abortion stories means investing in storytellers as leaders

The power of personal stories to reflect and shift societal structures is the focus of We Testify, whose founder Renee Bracey Sherman contributed this first-person account on abortion storytellers.

Sex education funding: There has to be a better way

Reproaction Deputy Director Shireen Rose Shakouri calls on philanthropy to support the right to comprehensive sex education in the face of a conservative movement that seeks to limit young people’s choices through shaming, stigma and misinformation.  

Philanthropy must invest in Black-led organizations to improve maternal mortality

A Q&A by NCRP staff of National Birth Equity Collaborative President Dr. Joia Crear-Perry makes clear that systemic racism is at the root of inequity in maternal health and morbidity, and investing in Black women-led organizations and solutions are the only path forward to addressing it.   

We hope you engage with the critical questions and calls to action from our authors and look forward to working collectively to support reproductive justice! 

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