President and CEO Aaron Dorfman hosts a new video series that looks to examine timely sector issues and
remove the mystery around U.S. grantmaking 


WASHINGTON, DC – “It’s time to see if this old dog can learn some new tricks,” Aaron Dorfman said with a smile, as the President and CEO of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) announced the organizations’ new video series, Unpacking Philanthropy, on LinkedIn.  

NCRP has served as philanthropy’s critical friend and independent watchdog since 1976 using storytelling, advocacy and research to challenge grantmakers to strengthen and better serve communities, especially those with the least amount of wealth.  The first episode, debuting Wednesday, February 2 focuses on the three principles philanthropy should follow to maximize its impact in this crucial time for democracy.  

“We are living in unprecedented times, when the stakes have never been higher for social change.  Change doesn’t happen in isolation but by finding new ways to hear and learn from members, followers, allies – and even adversaries,” said Dorfman. “Adding a more accessible video format to the various ways we communicate models the kind of innovative boldness that NCRP wants to see from the sector.”  

As NCRP helps funders fulfill their moral and practical duty to build, share and wield economic resources and power to serve the public, Dorfman hopes that the new platform will grow to become a space to discuss timely issues like c4 political funding, better governance, and more government oversight.   

“Despite all the technical advances and the growth in journalists covering the field, there are still a lot of questions, misconceptions and concealed truths about funding and grantmaking,” said Dorfman. “In launching this web series, we hope to remove some of the mysterious veil from philanthropy and share the kind of information that will help leaders, non-profits and communities create the equitable world we all deserve to live in.”