“All Roads Lead to Atlanta”—Philanthropy Can Play Critical Role in the South

“It seems that all roads in the South lead to Atlanta,” begins a new report by Ryan Schlegel and Stephanie Peng of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy(NCRP). Titled “Bearing Fruit,” the report notes that while Atlanta within the South has often painted itself with a progressive veneer, “Atlanta’s growth and its forward-looking political climate have left many communities, especially low-income communities and communities of color, behind.” Schlegel and Peng profiles the efforts of three community organizations, a local funding intermediary, and two national funders that are aiming to change that.

The report forms the fourth in NCRP’s As the South Grows series, which is being co-produced by NCRP and Grantmakers for Southern Progress. The series is ultimately expected to consist of five reports. NPQ covered the series’ first report, as well as its most recent report (which focused on environmental justice), and cosponsored a webinar with NCRP last month. The first three reports in the series mainly focused on rural communities. But this one focuses instead on Atlanta, the nation’s ninth-largest metropolitan region and the Deep South’s largest urban center.

Read the entire article in Nonprofit Quarterly.