Fall 2015

A Resource Guide on Criminal Justice Funders


Date: November 29, 2015

Andrus Family Fund

New York, NY

Leticia Peguero, Executive Director

Focuses on changing outcomes for youth affected by juvenile justice systems.


Akonadi Foundation*

Oakland, CA

Quinn Delaney, Founder and President

Addresses the harm of systemic marginalization and criminalization on youth of color while creating the opportunity for all young people to thrive.



New York, NY

Bob Alotta, Executive Director

Supports organizations and campaigns working for systemic change and resisting the criminalization of LGBTQI lives.


Common Counsel Foundation

Oakland, CA

Laura Livoti, CEO

Supports movement building and grassroots groups, with a focus on influencing public policy and corporate accountability.


The Criminal Justice Initiative

New York, NY/Northampton, MA

Aleah Bacquie Vaughn, Executive Director

Funds and nurtures grassroots activism led by formerly incarcerated people working to transform the criminal justice system in the United States.


David Rockefeller Fund

New York, NY

Lukas Haynes, Executive Director

Supports organizations that advocate for prison reform and nonprofits that provide pre- and post-release services.


Ford Foundation*

New York, NY

Darren Walker, President

Ford’s Civil and Criminal Justice Systems program gives marginalized populations access to a robust criminal justice community committed to fairness and equal protection under the law.


NEO Philanthropy

New York, NY

Michele Lord and Berta Colón, Co-Presidents

The National Campaign to Reform State Juvenile Justice Systems works to change juvenile justice policies to enhance public safety, improve outcomes for youth and reduce taxpayer costs.

*Philanthropy’s Promise Signatory


Open Society Foundations*

New York, NY

Christopher Stone, President

On an international scale, promotes new alliances for criminal justice reform, develops alternatives to pretrial detention and expands access to competent legal representation.

2015 NCRP Impact Awardee


Women Donors Network

San Francisco, CA

Donna P. Hall, President and CEO

WDN’s Criminal (In)Justice Circle identifies, strengthens and invests in a broad network of organizations working to fundamentally change the unjust criminal justice system.


*Philanthropy’s Promise Signatory