NCRP uses research to urge the philanthropic community to provide nonprofit organizations with essential resources and opportunities to effectively serve disadvantaged and disenfranchised populations and communities

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Not much to Cheer About: California Legislature Passes Ineffective Accountability Bill

Written by: Pete Manzo

Date: November 30, 2004

NCRP, its board of directors and its members firmly believe that legislation mandating standards of behavior and transparency, coupled with effective enforcement, is necessary to ensure that foundations and other nonprofit organizations be held accountable. Unfortunately,… Read More

Affinity Groups: Joining an Exclusive Club

Written by: Marissa Guananja

Date: November 30, 2004

There is great utility in organizing groups or individuals around similar interests and goals. Ideas are generated and efforts are combined with the intention of furthering a cause or attaining a common objective. This organizing tactic… Read More

Foundation Money on the Mound: Bradley Foundation helps Brewers with baseball stadium

Written by: Rick Cohen

Date: November 30, 2004

Politics and philanthropy rarely intersect on a baseball diamond, but they have in Milwaukee’s new ballpark. Home to the Milwaukee Brewers, Miller Park is an impressive structure. Considered to be one of the best venues in… Read More

Abramoff: Well-Connected to the Well-Heeled of the Right

Written by: Rick Cohen

Date: November 30, 2004

Penn Ave. lobbyist’s strong ties to right initiatives is proof that the strongest ties aren’t the most visible The cross fertilization of two-stepping politicians and questionable philanthropy is a daily phenomenon, but it takes a little… Read More

The Uprising of 2003

Written by: Sarah Stranahan

Date: July 30, 2004

The Media Acronym Quiz (answers at end of article): What do NRA and NOW have in common? What do NRA and NPR have in common? What do NPR and NAB have in common? What do NAB… Read More

Recent FEC Rulemaking and the Future of Nonprofit Lobbying

Written by: Liz Baumgarten and Bob Smucker

Date: July 30, 2004

When we were asked recently to predict what might come next from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in the way of action regarding nonprofit lobbying, our first thought was to try to beg off answering the… Read More

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