Increased foundation transparency


Through a landmark report, NCRP called out the country’s largest private, corporate and community foundations for their lack of transparency and sparked a movement that has transformed the sector.

Foundations and Public Information: Sunshine or Shadow was the first real assessment of the quality of information that foundations voluntarily provided. The widespread media attention, including coverage by the New York Times, pushed many foundations such as the Pew Memorial Trust and Rockefeller Foundation, to begin publishing annual reports.

With the help of then Senator David Durenberger of Minnesota, the IRS agreed to add information requirements in 990PFs.

To this day, NCRP continues to push foundations to be more transparent with their operations and grantmaking by helping journalists with their investigative work, and through reports and initiatives such as Philamplify.

Interested in learning more? Contact to receive free digital copies of the following publications:

  • Foundations and Public Information: Sunshine or Shadow (1980)
  • Corporate Philanthropy and Public Reporting: Sunshine or Shadow (1988)