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Our society continues to face serious challenges. The $50 billion that America’s grantmaking foundations give away each year to tackle society’s thorniest issues is dwarfed by the scope of these very problems.

For nearly 40 years NCRP has helped improve the effectiveness, impact and accountability of foundations. We’re building on these accomplishments by:

  • Deepening knowledge through rigorous research and reports.
  • Increasing discussion and debate in the sector by presenting at conferences, holding webinars, assessing foundations, serving as a resource to the media and providing commentary on our blog.
  • Celebrating excellence in philanthropy through our annual Impact Awards program and our Philanthropy’s Promise campaign.

We need your support to continue this work. Together, we can challenge foundations to implement strategies that effect change for the most marginalized communities in our society.

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Most importantly, it gives you a voice in the sector. Your support will be invaluable to NCRP as we continue to fight to secure funding that strengthens underserved communities.

The challenges are urgent and the potential for progress is great. Will you give today and invest in a better philanthropic sector and a more just and equitable future for all?

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